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The expert Meteorologists at WeatherWorks can investigate and evaluate past weather data and prepare certified, professional past weather reports for any date or location in the United States. Leading our staff of expert Meteorologists are Frank P. Lombardo and Thomas M. Else, both of whom have received the distinguished and nationally recognized Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) designation by the American Meteorological Society. WeatherWorks has worked on more than 1000 cases nationally, providing certified past weather reports, certified weather data and specific answers to questions posed by law firms, insurance companies, engineering firms, and others.

Weather Reports

WeatherWorks will prepare site-specific, easy to read and understand past weather reports, that provide the extent of details and expert analysis you request. Our expert reports have provided assistance in personal injury, property damage or loss, business and criminal cases. We have covered a wide range of meteorological topics including: slip-and-falls, snow and ice accumulation, refreeze, deicers & abrasives, lighting conditions, lightning strikes, floods, high winds, fires, and hurricanes.

Certified Data

Most of the past weather data we reference and utilize is accessed from the world’s largest active archive of weather data at the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). The highest form of certification the NCEI offers is a two part certification under the Seal of the United States Department of Commerce with blue ribbon. This type of certification is signed by both the NCEI Records Custodian and the NCEI Director as the Certifying Officer.

Expert Testimony

Our weather expert can also serve as an expert witness in court, arbitration hearings and depositions. We have been qualified and provided weather expert testimony in New Jersey, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Alabama court systems.